About the movie

There’s no doubting the success of Descendance Indigenous cultural dance group, they have toured more countries
than any Australian artists in history. They have danced for world leaders, Spiritual leaders, Royalty and dignitaries
all over the world, including the Dali Lama and Queen Elizabeth.

About the movie…

It’s their struggles and heartbreak along the way that makes for a fascinating and powerful story. This film is about their life before their worldwide recognition, as we follow the journey of their lead dancer Kurung on his quest in search of his beloved sister with whom they spent ten years in an orphanage together.

It’s the exploration of the Australian Indigenous culture that is threaded throughout the story that brings a fascination to the film. Seeing the ancestry of their ancient culture being exposed throughout the story is such a contrast to the backdrop of Sydney in modern times as we follow Kurung in his search.

This film shows how by using their culture wonderful things can be achieved in this modern world. Its also about the plight and struggles of the Indigenous and in particular one man’s journey to overcome his demons, and how through love redemption can be found.

This story is about triumph of the spirit. It’s about courage, and trusting your path in life. If you follow your heart you follow your bliss. These are but a few elements in this film. It’s a very layered story that gives us an insight into the urban Aboriginal people, their survival of love and dreams, impossible dreams that belong in the fantasy world. Then Kurung arrives in search of his sister, following the visions of his deceased grandfather that leads him to the dance group.

Kurung is torn between the dance group and his quest to find his sister. It’s here he agonises over the path he must take bringing with it an insight into why his journey is so. It’s when he digs deep into his culture that the group’s dreams from the fantasy world become a reality.

Descendance is a powerful heartfelt story that takes us into the oldest living culture, a story of emotional strength, a story that provides closure to those who have been plagued by their past, a closure that brings with it joy and triumph.