Descendance is an incredible true story of one man who
dares to follow the voices of his descendants, a story of
inspiration where the dreaming of an ancient people comes true.

Destiny calls many but few have the courage to answer.


Based on a true story ‘Descendance’ follows the quest of Aboriginal man (Mandu) whose journey takes him from his land as a child, to an orphanage with his sister (Carlee) for ten years, their separation, then to juvenile and adult prison. Upon his release he travels to Sydney in search of Carlee only to be taken on an incredible life-changing journey.

The spirits of his ancestors guides Mandu to a dysfunctional cultural dance group, headed by a dying woman (Ella) whose dream is to enter the group in the World Cultural dance competition. He is torn by his desperate need to find Carlee and the calling of his deceased grandfather Bulbul.

Mandu wonders why his grandfather has led him here. Indeed why he had taught him to dance as a child. When Ella sees him move, a new hope burns inside her. What Mandu doesn’t know is the mystical path of his traditional ancestors has lit the dream that lives inside him.

He is soon to discover that finding Carlee holds the key to Ella’s unfinished business that will take them on a sweeping journey spanning three continents, from the vista vision of the Australian landscape to Seoul, South Korea and the World Cultural Dance Competition, where magic happens and the Dreaming of an ancient people come true.

Descendancel is real as it is raw. A story of redemption, great love and all the elements of the human condition where one man’s powerful epic search for his beloved sister collides with destiny and a reluctant dance hero arises.